Who will be the opening day starter aka Let’s Distract Our Fans!

Ooooh what a controversy the Mets media is stirring up. Who will start the home opener? Will it be Harvey (our savior), deGrom (our RoY), Colon (our Cy Young winner), Gee (the incumbent opening day starter), or someone else worthy such as longtime Met Jon Niese or young and exciting Wheeler?

Whooooooo cares!!!??

Here’s an idea: How bout you decide on a rotation. It could even be 6-man. Just fucking choose. Limit Harvey’s innings. Limit Niese’s innings. I don’t care. We start on the road. So how bout when the home opener comes, you put out the fucking guy that’s supposed to pitch that day. Fucking hell, it’s not rocket science.

This is all bullshit hype to increase ticket sales.

I didn’t go to a single game last season (I watched about 155 games on TV). The boycott shall continue until you prove you give a shit and that you deserve more money from me than the already exorbitant cable bill I pay for SNY. 

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