Jimmy Rollins and the Mets

Unreal what the media and the Wilpons Jew scum team can do. They had us believing J-Roll flipped off the Mets, when the reality is he wanted to play here! 

We all booed J-Roll. Of course! Because he was a Philly and he’s amazing! An MVP! A clutch gamer! 

11mil for him. We have no SS. We didn’t even bother to look into it! Instead, the Wilpons and Alderson just flat out LIED TO THEIR FANS and painted J-Roll as an evil villain who hates us. Uhhhhh no, it’s baseball. The players want to play and be paid. Don’t let the elite oligarchy Jew conspiracy fool you. They use divide-and-conquer. They control the media. Don’t be fooled! They’re just cheap, lying Jew fucks!!! Flores and Tejada you gotta be fuckin kidding me!!

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