Preblow: Rubber Game in the Bronx

Not much to say. I’ve said it before. Our #4 (Niese) vs. their #4 (Eovaldi) is a no-brainer. We must win these games. We have a guy who could really be a 2 or 3 on other teams (he’d be the 3 on the Yankees), while they have a guy who wouldn’t be offered a position on our roster. Nuff said. Have to win it. Rubber game. We take this series and we’re definitively the hottest we’ve been since 2006, or even since 1986.

Crappy Recap: Winning Streak Ends Due to Yankees/Dark Magic

Yankees 6, Mets 1.

How are the Yankees always a good team? Money? Dark magic? Steroids? Why do the Gods always show them favor? They must be making blood sacrifices. Typical Yankee cheating.

Another first inning 2-run dinger let up by deGrom and we lose 2-0. Oh wait, we scratched out 1. Thanks for the run support, guys.

It was cold out there. Yankee fans showed up in the dozens. It reminded me of Shittifield 2009-2014 except we didn’t have a good team.

deGrom ended up letting up a bunch of fly outs in Shitti that ended up being dingers at the baby park known as Yankee Stadium. That being said, we didn’t hit any dingers. The numbers are so insane here. Drew and Tex and these old bums are batting .200 with double-digit dingers in April.

deGrom didn’t have his best stuff tonight. It was a real big game for a real young kid. I’d rather have him seeing this in April. It’s ok. It’s a tough stadium and a tough lineup designed to exactly this. Even Seaver got knocked around every now and again.

The Mets made several nice plays in the field and the Yankees made several boners. Capn’ Kirk legged out a double on shitty Junkees fielding and we gunned down a would-be double. Also, Murph had another bonehead play. Herrera may replace him.

The difference between this year and last year is that we are playing better on defense–not allowing a lot of 4 or 5 out innings–and can now score on 4-out innings, now that we’ve improved from dogshit hitting to just kinda bad.

I’m not worried baout deGrom. He’s smart. That’s his best asset. That’s what makes guys like Seaver the best. That’s why Colon is where he is today.

How bout them umps? I forgot that the umps always cheat for the Yankees, especially against the Mets. It is known. I forgot to mention that in the Preblow. Listen, the reason we lost is because deGrom didn’t have his best stuff and experienced his first super-duper-big game. Oh, and because we didn’t score any runs against an elite pitcher (with an arm that’s about to explode). The ump gave Pineda every call. Niese got ejected. Many others were threatened. The booth was furious at the ump. They could clearly tell the ump was more concerned with the Mets dugout than with the game at hand. Typical Yankee cheating bullshit.

Also, Hansel left a trail of bread crumbs all over the field. He stranded the bases loaded in his major league debut. He looked great.

Also, Keith said it was too cold out there for deGrom. Keith also said he booked an early flight for the next Mets road trip out to Miami. Oh, and the ump was wearing short-sleeves like a try-hard bitch.

We are 13-4. #HarveyDay tomorrow. Shake it off.

Preblow: Subway Series and Why I’m Always Right

I'm busting!
They’re busting! If only we had Jerry to help us (re: Jerry, please buy the Mets please please please).

First: I’m always right. Metsblow knows. Metsblowers know me and know I’m always right. What specifically am I referring to? In the preseason, I said that YOU SHOULD NEVER COUNT THE YANKEES OUT. Never. Ever. Because they have money. Their version of Moneyball is to spend money to play better ball. It works every time. They will always be good. Maybe only playoffs good 14/15 of the time, but they’re always formidable. Not to mention, with their bandbox of a stadium, they can always hit late-inning dingers and turn any perceived blowout into a game. Never count the Yankees out. Mets fans should know better.

Second: I’m always right. About what this time? In the preseason, I said that A-Roid would be one of the best players on the team, and would be dangerous at the plate. This was again 100% accurate. He’s healthy now. He’s juicing again. Both big things. I applaud him. He’s not lying about it anymore, which I also appreciate. A lot of his success is due to Jeter finally being removed. Jeter is an egomaniac and cast a shadow on ARod from the moment ARod came to the Bronx. Jeter was jealous that Alex was a much, MUCH better baseball player. Yes, Jeter is Captain Clutch and I respect that. But Jeter was also a bad, BAD fielder. Mediocre at best when he won a gold glove in ’04, and had a NEGATIVE impact on the team when he won several of his other gold gloves. Horrendous popularity contest voting. Jeter hated ARod, and he hurt the entire team in the process. They got 1 ring together, but could’ve had more. ARod had to move to 3rd since, despite being the much better SS, Jeter had nowhere else to go (because he can’t play anywhere) except DH and was too much of an egomaniac to move.

Third: Be careful of Pineda and CC. They can pitch. CC may be past his prime, but one could say the same about A-Roid or Beltran, and they’re still threats. Never count them out. We don’t hit as well as the Yankees (I hope Grandy is licking his chops to hit to their right field fence again!) and could be looking at 1-0 and 2-0 losses, as we always are. deGrom and Limpfoot Harvey need to be in top form, because they’ve got big name matchups.

Fourth: This is great for the young players. As the NBA playoffs are currently proving, and as the playoffs in any sport ALWAYS prove, experience is everything. You can’t get World Series experience until you’re actually there (as Timo “Deer In Headlights” Perez and the rest of the 2000 Mets showed in the Subway World Series), and you can’t even get playoff experience until you’re actually there, but BIG GAME experience matters. And these are big games. Mets fans rocking the place at Shittifield is important, and now we’ll get some big game experience on the road. I hope our young guys are up to the challenge now, but either way, with guidance from TC and D-Wright, they will learn from this.

Finally: Metsblog is so douchey. They’re already talking about how this streak means we’re basically guaranteed to make the playoffs. They’re such fucking shills. We only need NOT to pull a Mets and we’re guaranteed to make the playoffs so buy merch now and buy tickets now if you’re a real fan 😀 ugh fuck them.