Padres sign James Shields

It’s amazing that the Padres got big game James. They already got Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, and more.

They obviously didn’t get the memo that the Mets got. It read, “NL teams: please, one trade or FA signing only. If you had a losing record last year, you’re not allowed to make improvements to multiple positions.”

The Padres have implemented an innovative strategy: “Get more talent.” The Mets disagree.

Weird Baseball Fact: Teams make moves in the offseason

So the Athletics might get Zobrist…

Hey fellow Mets fans, isn’t it crazy how teams make moves in the offseason to become better at baseball?

It’s as if the offseason was some kind of factor in the season. It’s like there’s some kind of competition about to happen.

So weird that teams make moves. So weird… #fuckthewilpons