The Mets Got So Lucky…

…that the Jets SUCK DICK and the Knicks SUCK DICK. The Wilpons are snaking their way under the NYC radar because are all so distracted by what absolute dogshit the other NY teams are right now.

…that deGrom won ROY. Just like ODB for the Giants. What a distraction!

…that the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs. Don’t let this fool you! There is a binary code for winning teams and losing teams. The Yankees were a 1 and the Mets were a 0. Don’t for one second think we’re equal or better. We ain’t. Not until we prove it.

The Mets Got So Lucky that NYSportsBlow.

The best team in NY

What is all this garbage talk about how the Mets are the best team in NY?

Prove it you delusional fucks.

Since losing the subway series in 2000 (or really since winning in 1986), we have been better than the Yankees for 1 week.

1 week in 2006. We went to the LCS. They lost in the divisional round. Other than that, we’re worse.

They were over .500 last year. Grow up, people. Stop with the egregious claims and prove it.

P.S. Yes we’ll probably be better than the jets, giants, and knicks, but that isn’t saying shit.

P.P.S. Yes the 4 game sweep in 2013 was a delight. But it doesn’t change anything. Let’s stay focused on our own business.

Does the 7 train go to Auschwitz?

The only thing sadder than the faces on the 7 train going to the game are the faces on the way back.

As if the MTA + the NYC trains weren’t already total shit…

Note: Last season I attended ZERO games. I watched about 160 on TV, but went to zero. Fuck the Wilpons. I ain’t paying egregious prices to ride the smelly, shitty 7 just to go see you take a dump on a baseball field.