Harvey Outdueled by Doo Doo Scrub

The headline says it all, no? We were held completely in check by John Gant. Gant?! I fucking can’t. This guy actually used to be in the Mets organization. I think we got Uribe for him. Or Jelly? Or both? Gant & Whalen for Uribe & Jelly. Whatever. Not to mention their dogshit bullpen also made us look bad.

Good for Loney for straight up saying, “the rule needs to be adjusted.” Unbelievable way for the game to end. You can’t grab a guy’s legs but woooow the league really can’t it right. Utley gets us again!

Another rule that needs adjusting: Wasn’t Gant’s delivery illegal? Give me a break.

Mets Get Loney

He was kinda good with the Rays…

The Mets have acquired first baseman James Loney in a straight-cash-homie trade with the Padres. He only played for the Padres’ minor league team. Oops. Well, I guess this means Duda is officialy D-E-A-mofuckin’-D.

In Triple-A this season, Loney hit .342 with a .373 OBP and .424 SLG in 43 games. Loney has a .285 average and a .338 OBP over 10 major league seasons while playing with the Dodgers, Rays and Red Sox.

Good. I’m good with it. I still would’ve liked to see Lagares in CF, Yo in LF, and Conforto at 1B, but whatever. Moves. Moves. Moves.