Mets Get Loney

He was kinda good with the Rays…

The Mets have acquired first baseman James Loney in a straight-cash-homie trade with the Padres. He only played for the Padres’ minor league team. Oops. Well, I guess this means Duda is officialy D-E-A-mofuckin’-D.

In Triple-A this season, Loney hit .342 with a .373 OBP and .424 SLG in 43 games. Loney has a .285 average and a .338 OBP over 10 major league seasons while playing with the Dodgers, Rays and Red Sox.

Good. I’m good with it. I still would’ve liked to see Lagares in CF, Yo in LF, and Conforto at 1B, but whatever. Moves. Moves. Moves.

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