Why Blame Jose?

“Dropped popup” in Spanish? “Mendoza line?”

Don’t blame Jose. He’s not a 3rd baseman, he’s a wifebeater–errr, shortstop. Blame the bullpen for letting the wheels fall off? Nah, they’ll be better once the wifebeater–errr, closer, returns. Hilarious extra innings final score, though. 

The dropped popup was bad but why were we in that position? We should’ve been up by 10. We obsess over highlights and lowlights and love microscopic spotlights. Bill Buckner. Did he fuck up? You bet. But the Sox had that game won. Don’t forget the 9th inning rally. Don’t forget Mookie’s dance. Don’t forget that the Sox built a roster for their racist town and could’ve been better from the get-go. 

I ain’t gonna scapegoat Jose. The wifebeating? Cultural! The lack of hitting? Cultural! The truth is that the Mets didn’t hit for shit against the PHILLIES and their last place staff. Jose is a part of that. Good thing Wright will be back soon! It hurt my back to laugh at that sentence. 

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