The Worst Series I Have Ever Seen

Congrats to the Mets on not getting no-no’d. The Mets got MOWED DOWN by Fins’ scrubs all weekend. Thor, deGrom, Harvey…all pitched very well…but…the Mets couldn’t hit shit off of bums. That’s really what the series came down to. That and the fact that we’re conceding April to keep our rotation healthy.

So all 4 games were terrible and lifeless. We managed to win one. So my prediction that we’d get swept was wrong. But after those brutal Fri/Sat losses, you couldn’t script a worse way to lose yesterday. Practically no hit. Dead as fuck. A miraculous 9th inning comeback and then immediately blowing it in the bottom of the 9th. It was Metsian poetry at its finest. Yo makes a game saving throw and then derp–next batter cranks a game winning blast. Sigh, well, nice throw, Yo. Just hit 2 (3?) dingers per game and we might just win a game. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Marlins lineup is better than ours. Their pitching isn’t but their rotation (and pen!) sure looked good against our shitty hitters. 

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