Jesus Returns to Help deGrom, Mets

It’s so obvious! Nimmo hits his first dinger, and after the game he said, “thank the lord, thank the lord!”

Jesus is back! He hath returned. Does Nimmo hate gays as much as Murph? Probably not, so therefore he’s not as good of a Christian, but Jesus is with us again.

deGrom didn’t have a win since April 30 despite an ERA under 3. Great job, team. Way to support your boy. Jesus didn’t make it easy for deGrom to get through 5. He looked very sharp but multiple rain delays may have taxed his arm.

We live and die by the dinger. 5 dingers last night (2 for Dru, 1 for Lonestar, Yo, and Nimmo). Glad to see we can still hit them on occasion.

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