Two Birthday Presents for Me

Step off, bro

So Syndergaard got ejected for throwing behind Utley’s back and Lackey doesn’t even get a warning for throwing at Matz’s head? While he’s squaring to bunt? Ummm, can we get the fucking robot umps already?! What a joke.

Matz responded by:

1) flying out to the track, which raised some eyebrows, I suppose.

2) letting up a home run to the next batter he faced–oops.

3) cheering when Cespedes launched a ball to the moon and then trotted at Tolo-speed.

So maybe Lackey woke the Mets up? We were deeeeeead. We were down 2-0 after two batters and I thought the game was over. Matz settled in, Nimmo had his coming out party with a clutch hit (what the fuck is a clutch hit?), and Familia dodged bullets to get the save. He walked a guy and then let up a double (on an 0-2 pitch!!) to Zobrist. Nimmo misplayed the ball in RF but the Cubs opted to hold runners at 2nd & 3rd with nobody out. That was retarded. It was a pinch runner! Oops. That guy could’ve scored and tied the game up, no question.

Zobrist plays every single position better than anyone on our team. When Lagares comes back, an argument can be made. 

Asdrubal wore a Cespedes sleeve. He made a yuge play, too. Stick with the sleeve. 

Was Yo’s dinger the most colossal blast ever? Biggest bomb at Citi since the home run derby, I’d say. By anyone, not just him. What a BOMB. As usual, nobody was on base. I thought we’d just lose 3-1 but this was quite the gift win. We just own the Cubs, huh? Eh, we owned the Nats last year, too. Not sure it carries over. 

Also for my birthday, the Mets pay Bobby Bo today!! What a delightful birthday reminder from the Mets that I root for the worst organization ever. 

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