Well, That Sucked

That sucked. Mets blow. It’s the Syndergaard game that really mattered. We were never going to win a spot start vs. Scherzer.

Everyone’s looking to Sandy. Everyone’s acting like, “oooh we got a Cubano last year and that solved everything! Let’s do that again!” Even Sandy acknowledged how fucking lucky he was last year. Gomez’s balky hip. The team going on a tear with Cespedes playing out of his mind. Jesus blessing Murphy. Sandy said, “everything broke right.” It was luck, basically. Gourriel isn’t even ML ready. 

One thing that could happen but won’t: trade the farm for Arenado. That plus Conforto finding it again and Lagares being healthy and nobody else getting hurt (HA!) could save this team. 

Here comes 4 games against the Cubs. Remember how we swept them in the NLCS? Get ready for the opposite. 

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