Flores the Cleanup Gawd!

Thor is the God of thunder but Flores is the God of cleaning up. Keep him there! Terry pushing all the right buttons! Most of the time, bases loaded with nobody out is right where the opponent wants us, but Flores hit a 40ft bomb and actually got us a run and hey, you’ll take it. He also hit an actual bomb later. 

I liked Reynolds’ AB in the 1st. That made it 3-0 and “broke the game open” with Noah on the hill. Lots of contributions tonight. Jelly hit the peanut butter out of one. Cespedes’ exit velocity averaged about a billion mph tonight. “He’s so strong,” said a fawning Keith. 

So, Metsblow and will probably score two or fewer tomorrow, but would you take it? If the season ended today, we’d be a wildcard team. Do you take it? Beggars can’t be choosers, right? Just get in? I wouldn’t take it today because we wouldn’t be able to put Thor on the mound for the play-in game. 

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