I Think These Are Gonna Be Tough to Write



I’m so glad Metsblow Nation did the damn job of the century last year. We protested and boycotted and stuck together and now our team’s really fucking good. I wish we could’ve split in KC last Fall, but yeah, the Mets (or at least the pitchers) really don’t blow.

Wright’s back must be BAAARKING after 2 stolen bases. He lead the league in steals there for a moment. Loco Turtle is on the loose.

Thank Gawd Thor is a new Met. How “same ol’ Mets” did that 6th inning look? A runner gets to 1st on a K, DP doesn’t get turned, 1 pitch later another failed DP, garbage bloop single, ump squeezes us for a walk and…a big fat 3 pitch K to Morales. Syndergaard WOOF.

Happy recap for the pen as well. 9 up, 9 down for Henderson-Reed-Fam. I’m surprised that Robles didn’t pitch the 8th. I’m not complaining, I just thought that Robles was the setup man, at least for April. I’m wary. I think he might secretly be hurt (update: suspended) or something. Quickpitch quickpitch in yo face. Fam getting the save in KC was nice to see. He might be the best pitcher we have.

Neil Walker with a dong piece. Meet the Mets.

Final Blow: Di Blasio banned chewing tobacco in NY? What the fuck? It’s bad enough everybody’s getting sliiiiiced up on the train. Now you’re gonna take away Harvey’s lip? The chaw? Big Chief? Plug? Wad? Baccy? All the pros do it. It gives you tons of energy. I’m sure our boys will find some way to get their buzz on. I’m optimistic.




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