Mets Lose the Opener

Royals 4, Mets 3


Cespedes, it’s a contract year. Don’t be aloof. I don’t think it’s a real problem. The unearned run was the difference.

How long until Wright gets moved down in the lineup? A week? A month? 

The Royals are a step faster than the Mets and it keeps showing. I can’t explain why that gets so EXPOSED every time we play them. I think it’s kind of a rock-paper-scissor duel between elite teams. The Royals’ best attributes (speed, defense) are our worst features as a team. Our skills (fireballs) matched up better against the Cubs’ young hitters, that’s for sure. I might be overthinking it. Volquez pitched well. 

Serenity Now:

Our middle infield looked competent today. Turning routine double plays WOW! 

We battled. 

Harvey wasn’t perfect but he was great. His line doesn’t do his night justice. 

One last thing:

Just go 50-50 against the good teams and bury the bad teams. Win the division and then I like our staff against anyone in the postaeason. 

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