Oh, Should We Put O’Flaherty In Again?

This is TC's brain.
This is TC’s brain.

Mets 9, Phillies 4

Well that wasn’t so fucking hard, now was it? Way to rebound. TC just needs to fucking listen to me. I’m glad they read this shit.

Gilmartin got the lefty Ryan “Power” Howard to ground into the inning ending double play? Hmmm…nah, though. Let’s try O’Flaherty. He was great against lefties 5 years ago.

Hey, nice dinger Tejada. Hey, nice front flip Brown.

Harvey got touched up a bit, huh? He was cruuuuisssing for a while. He got lazy with a big lead and against the bottom of the order. Well, a win is a win.

Daniel Murphy is dead.

3 thoughts on “Oh, Should We Put O’Flaherty In Again?

  1. arturothebull says:

    Only way to get Mutts news here in Alberta, Canada is via metsblow.com. Only way to get accurate Mutts news analysis anywhere is that same site. Wright seems happy, which is not necessarily a good sign. The Captain cannot be happy with partial success.

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