No More Parnell Ever Again

Phillies 14, Mets 8

Done. He’s done. Nice fucking throw down to first base, too, ya mook.

Collins? Maybe done. We’re losing 6-4 and you bring in Parnell?! Never again. You’re a moron. Put in Reed, or Commissioner Goeddel, or Gilmartin. It was a ballgame! We were down 6-0, so TC started warming up mop up man Bobby P, but then we got 4, so switch up the fucking plan! TC can’t manage his pitchers.

Also, Bighat Torres is waaaaay better than O’Flaherty. Until we get Blevins and/or Edgin back, I don’t see how we can still go with O’Flaherty over Bighat. O’Flaherty, really Sandy? Infinity ERA? He’s done. TC and Sandy, wake the fuck up.

Also, Niese is officially out of the playoff starter consideration pool. PLAYOFFS!? PLAYOFFS!?!?

Today is #HarveyDay. We have to win the series against the Phillies. HAVE TO. We’re home. It’s a joke. Come the fuck on. Win the game before the big, daunting road trip ahead.

One thought on “No More Parnell Ever Again

  1. Joe Enright says:

    Parnell has issues. O’Flaherty has nothing. Torres is an undependable innings eater. Gilmartin, Reed, Clippard, Mejia are who we should use until we lock this up. Also I would give Verett another chance.

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