O’Flaherty and Kirk!? NEVER AGAIN!!


Marlins 6, Mets 5 (F/11)

Granted, the Mets were a little thin last night due to the deaths of Duda and Murph. Normally, in a PH situation, you’d bring in Uribe. Since Murph’s dead, Uribe was starting and we had to bring in Kirk to PH with the bases loaded. Ummm…wait…no we didn’t. Because we could’ve brought in Nimmo or Greasy Gavin Cecchini for the 40-man roster. WHY KIRK? WHY!? 3 DINGERS, THAT’S WHY! No. Fuck no.

Listen to me, Mets. When I say, “never again,” I mean it. I said it a while ago. Kirk should never be here. He’s an auto-out. The reason the Mets are better now than in June is because we don’t play guys like Kirk. Our “bad” hitters hit .250 now, instead of .150, but here’s Kirk, batting .150 for us. NEVER AGAIN.

O’Flaherty!? Same deal. Listen to me. I said it already. I’m saying it again: NEVER AGAIN. NEVER FUCKING AGAIN in a Mets uniform. Stop. No more. Never again.

Confidence Meter for Making Playoffs: 0.0 with these guys on the team.

2 thoughts on “O’Flaherty and Kirk!? NEVER AGAIN!!

  1. Joe Enright says:

    Kirk and Eric should get into a fight and injure each other just enough to miss the rest of the season. That way Terry doesn’t have to hurt their feelings if he were to tell them they’re released.

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