Another Boring Mets Win

Mets 3, Rockies 0

“The best pitcher in the game, hands down.” -Carlos Gonzalez on Jacob deGrom. Gonzalez is in the NL west, regular facing Greinke and Kershaw.

Another shutout. deGrom making another Cy Young worthy start. Yawn. Whatevs. Clippard in the 8th. Familia in the 9th. Just going through the motions.

Cespedes hit his first dinger as a Met. Nothing we didn’t see in the 2013 ASG or for his entire career. Just an oppo blast like it was nothing after getting chin music on the previous pitch.

And tomorrow Thor (our other OTHER OOOTHER ace) goes for the sweep. Snooze.

This team appears to be without hubris (at least right now). That’s great, because Metsblow Nation is going crazy. We’d been begging and begging for Cespedes, and we got him. We were willing to settle for Kang, Puig, really any impact bat. The Jewpons partially opened their Jew wallets and ONCE AGAIN our elite pitching wins with just enough hitting. We went from garbage doodoo hitting to having enough hitting. Wild swing. And thankfully the Nats BLOOOOW. They had the entire first half of the season to pull away and they didn’t because they blow. Now we’re good, and we’re looking to ADD TO OUR LEAD IN THE NL EAST. Wow. NL Least for sure.

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