Post/Preblow: The Comeback Kids!

The Mets are 0-36 when trailing after 7 innings.
The Mets are 0-36 when trailing after 7 innings.

Well, that game could not have been scripted better. These are the most predictable games ever. We here at Metsblow literally wrote that this exact thing would happen. It’s not rocket science. It’s just that anyone who watches this team knows what’s going to happen, and tonight was no exception.

The game was a perfect microcosm of the season as a whole. We leadoff the game with a dinger (a dinger! wow! home run happy Mets!) and then it’s either CGSO or bust for Thor (or any pitcher).

So in the 6th, as the CGSO is in tact, the Mets are clinging to a 1-0 lead, and have gotten a total of 2 hits. Nowhere close to getting insurance. The Cardinals get a broken bat bloop single, followed by an error, aaaaand we lose. Peralta hits a home run (should we have acquired him? Hmmmmm? Nah, we’re too crowded at that position) and it’s completely over.

Btw, the dinger was catchable. Kirk missed it.

So we’re down 2-1, with the cards runs being unearned. That’s the most predictable score in the history of the game.

Sidenote: TC got ejected on the worst call I’ve ever seen. Ejection worthy x a billion. The ball was a foot low on Duda, the ump called it a strike, and instead of ball 4 we end up with an out.

Other sidenote: Cuddy’s done, huh? Kirk started in LF. Wow.

Pack it in. Shut down everyone. Matz will make 0 more starts this season. Fuck the Wilpons. They’re pure evil. They’re rapists and liars and worse. Joffrey Wilpon.

Gary Cohen BEGGED the Mets to make a move. He said that the Mets HAVE TO MAKE A MOVE. On the air. So in the top of the 9th, with the tying runners on (after letting up an insurance run in the 8th), we have Kirk, Tejada, and Mayberry up. Gary didn’t hold back at all. He said we have to make a move. It couldn’t be more obvious. Our best chance at scoring was a wild pitch. Try and fucking steal home for fucks sake. Sheeeiiit.

Never fear. Alderson is “interested” in players! They’re interested, guys! Completely interested. We’re so active with interested right now.

So the comeback kids lose another one. We lose 100% of the time when trailing after 7, and this game was no exception. Awesome job, y’all.

Terry Collins: “We’re in a pennant race.”

Good one, Terry. I mean, he’s not wrong. Just like the guys in wheelchairs are in the marathon. The only difference is that the wheelchair guys have dignity and respect and lots of people cheering for them and finish or at least attempt to finish their races with pride.

PREBLOW: Tonight, it’s Colon vs. Lackey. Giggle-worthy. Lackey will mow us the fuck down. These games are stupid. Maverick!

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