Preblow: Mets Will Blow in the 2nd Half

I don't think Endy Chavez is getting to this one...
I don’t think Endy Chavez is getting to this one…

Welp, here we go. Baseball is back.

Will Cuddyer “progress” to the mean? NOPE! He’s got full blown METS disease.

Will Alderson make a legitimate move? NOPE! Staying pat! Maverick!

Will the Cards, Nats, and Dodgers rock the shit out of the Mets to open the 2nd half? Yup.

Will we be out of contention by September? Yup.

Will we be last in runs and OPS and most offensive categories? Yup.

Tonight, Thor faces Lynn. Here comes a rude awakening. Two stud pitchers, only 1 stud offense. The Cardinals will remind the Mets that we’re still about 7 pieces away from being a division leader.


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