Postblow: Ah, Now That’s More Like It

Giants 3, Mets 0

Ah, yes, all is right in Metsland. We’re back on our historic pace of most times getting shut the fuck out.


~I see Ruben Sangwich is back at the 2-hole. Awesome. Real embarrassment to 2-hitters everywhere. It makes me angry that I’m considering my adept-at-hitting brother for the 2-hole on our softball team. (His words: “Softball is different. There’s no bunting or stealing. And besides, we get the most at bats.”) True, true. Good to see Ruben getting all these ABs.

~All in on Cap’n Kirk? He’s batting a muscular .095 this season. Did the Angels just throw him in a dumpster? And that dumpster traveled to Vegas? Why is he back here? We rejected him, every other team in the league rejected him, and now we’ve seen some kind of x-factor and brought him back?

—The Perfect juxaposition, of course, is that Hunter Pence returned for SF today and played stellar defense and hit 2 guys in.

~”Cain looking very hittable…as long as you’re not the Mets.” -Ron Darling

~The Mets made run-costing errors in the field. Again, as I stated above, all is right again in Metsland.

~Grandy getting doubled up at home on a shallow foul out by Tejada. Nice play, Hunter Pence. Nicer play, Mets. Just spectacular. We keep outshitting ourselves. You’d think we would’ve run out of diapers by now.

~During the top of the 9th, I checked the score app on my phone to review some things. However, the game wasn’t on the home screen. It was listed as “past.” I had to go into the archives. They called the game. Just straight called it. Put it in the books. Mets down 3-0 in the 9th? Update that “9” to an “F” please thank you good job. I’m all for that. It really shoulda been called before it started. Matt Cain? Get the fuck outta here.

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