Postblow: 1-0 Shutout HAHAHAHAHA


Cubs 1, Mets 0

Boy, it’s a good thing we have all these aces, right? Hell, Niese isn’t even one of our aces! And he still only let up 1 run! Wow! What a staff! We’ve really got something in the works, here!

We are terrrrrrrible. Daniel Murphy comes back and Michael Cuddyer immediately goes down. Our lineup was at full strength for about 7 days at the beginning of the season. Since then, we’ve had at least two–even three–starters injured at all times. Not to mention Wheeler, Mejia, Edgin, Blevins, Black, etc.

The second the Cubs got their run, it was over. Completely over against a scrub pitcher with a 4.5 ERA. Pathetic. The Cubs only had 4 hits and 1 run. But we had 3 hits…and 0 runs. That kind of futility is impressive. Stop me if you’ve seen this scenario before…as in, practically every day.

We should just put Matz, Thor, deGrom, and Harvey in the lineup on their non-throwing days.

At least Niese pitched well enough to get dealt. Probably to the Cubs.

So Cuddyer went down. That was a lock. He’s been playing hurt all year (and for the past 5 years) anyway. Bring up Conforto!? Is it time? You know we’re too cheap and Jew-y to go out and get someone. Conforto! Nimmo! Hoooraaaay minor leaguers that are unprepared and will be ruined forever!

PREBLOW BONUS: Big Sexy on the bump tonight against Jon Lester. Lester has been shitty all year. Today is a perfect day for him to get back into form. If you play fantasy baseball, the LOCK STRATEGY is to just rotate your pitchers and start the guy that is facing the Mets every day.

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