Happy Birthday From Bobby Bonilla

Sweet bobblehead.
Sweet bobblehead.

Today is my birthday. And what a glorious birthday present from the Mets! Every year on my birthday, the generous, caring Wilpons give 1.2 million dollars to Bobby Bonilla. Thank you, Jeff!

So instead of paying that lump sum in 1999, the Mets decided to defer payment over a few decades. They figured, “hey great, now we can save this money and give it to Madoff!”

P.S. I just want to let everyone know that I am not blaming or insulting Bobby Bo one iota. I’m happy for him. In the business where the stars are treated like circus elephants, Bonilla took advantage of a retarded, cheap, short sighted owner and found a way to get himself income for 35 years. A 1.2 million dollar payday (I believe that raise started in 2011) is pretty damn sweet.

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