The Mets Are the Suckiest Bunch of Sucks Who Ever Sucked

Cubs 2, Mets 0 (F/11)

Whatever. Even the sycophantic blogs are sick of this shit. I don’t need to say it. We’re all sick of our perfidus owners. We’re all sick of our lifeless offense. It’s over. Cover the field.

I wonder if the Mets can get swept at home without scoring a run. That’s gotta be some kind of record. I love how people talk about how the Mets are “good at home.” Uhhhhh back to back shutouts? 20 innings without scoring a run? That’s good at home? This kind of thing NEVER–and I mean NEVER–happens to a team that’s actually “good at home.”

The bottom of the 8th inning was the greatest microcosm for Mets baseball that I ever seen. It had it all. The Cubs tried AS HARD AS THEY COULD to give us the game. 5 outs on the inning. The umps tried to give it to us, too. But we said, “Nay! Tiz not our time to score a run.” It really had it all: baserunning blunders, failed bunt attempts, signal confusion, strikeouts with RISP…just fantastic. A Three Stooges routine couldn’t have spoofed the Mets better than that.

deGrom vs Arrieta tonight. Who cares? Even letting up zero runs isn’t good enough. Colon had his best start of the year last night and it doesn’t matter. None of it matters until we make a trade or better yet, change ownership. This is all just dumb.

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