The Language They Use to Talk About Murphy


Everyone in Metsland aka Liarsville is saying Murph will be back tomorrow.

…or are they?!

Look at how they don’t actually lie. Look at their carefully crafted, well articulated bullshit talk:

“Murphy is expected to return Tuesday.”

“Murphy is set to return tomorrow.”

“Murphy is preparing to rejoin the team.”

Ooooh, those snakes. Just like he was EXPECTED to play last Saturday, and the Tuesday before that one. 

And note how they subconsciously put the onus on the player. Like, “oooh he’s expected to return. So if he doesn’t, it’s really HIS fault, and not the fault of our completely inept organization and medical staff. We expect him back.”

Don’t believe a word from any Mets press. Only Metsblow. We are the truth. They are all members of the Ponzi scheme. Don’t be fooled. Murph is dead. Believe he will be in the lineup when you see him in the batter’s box, and not a moment sooner. 

“Jose Reyes is expected back tomorrow.” 

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