Anthony Recker Sends the Mets A Message

 “I’ve never done this before! I’ve never been congratulated! Slap hands? Slap hands!” 

Anthony Recker (him?) hit two dingers or some shit like that in Vegas and was named the Pacific Coast League Player of the Week. Metsblog and others reported on this, saying that Recker was, “sending the Mets a message.”

Indeed! A message! And the message is: The pacific coast league is rec league intramurals. Pacific Coast League, featuring such teams as the Vegas 51s and the Stanky Doodoo Farts.* 

Thank you, Anthony, for showing once again that our AAA team is the worst measuring stick of talent in baseball history. 

*The Stanky Doodoo Farts, the rec league softball team that I am the player/coach for, would take Anthony Recker. We don’t want him. We don’t need him. But we wanna win, so we’d take him. Barely. 

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