Series Preblow: Mets @ Braves

White man the antelope. Red man the buffalo.
White man weak…like the antelope. Red man strong…like the buffalo.

OK, round 2 against the maize munchers this week. We took 2 out of 3 at Shitti (should’ve been a sweep…thanks a lot Familia’s kid). Now, we’ll likely get swept in Atlanta like we always do. Atlanta has been our hell for as long as I can remember. We usually get swept harder than the disease-soaked blankets that we distributed to these tomahawk chuckers.

I’m not sure where Bob Costas will be for all this. Someone call Dan Snyder and tell him to support the Wompum-trading dirt-worshippers.

We’ve got 3 of our big cannons going. Tonight, it’s deGrom vs Matt Wisler, making his major league debut. Last year’s ROY should outduel the shit out of him, but there’s not better lineup to make your debut against than the Mets. The Mets have the worst road hitting in baseball bar none. Lowest run total, lowest everything.

Then, it’s Thor vs Perez, and finally Harvey vs Teheran in a battle of aces on Sunday (at 5:05…fuckin Atlanta). With those arms, it should be a sweep for us. But with our lineup, naaaaaht so fast. Joke. Team is a joke. Fucking god damn joke. Head on over to the illegal sportsbook at the Wahoo Sands Resort and put it all on the Mets scoring less than 5 runs in 3 games. Good god almighty Metsblow.

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