Postblow: Mets Get Dicked Hard


Blue Jays 7, Mets 1

Well, the Mets have scored 4 runs in the past 3 games…and the Blue Jays don’t even pitch that well. Dickey had his vintage dick going. He looked every bit as good as when he was with the Mets. Amazing performance. It could’ve been a no-no. It could’ve been a complete game, but the ump wasn’t giving him all the calls (Dickey argued with him profusely) and his pitch count rose a bit high, even for a knuckleballer. Duda hit a dinger, and that was it for Dickey. The game was already completely out of reach (3-run maximum, remember?) when Dickey got pulled.

I love RA. It’s probably the best individual season of baseball I’ve ever experienced. Maybe, like, uhhh, Wright in ’06. I was super jacked up about him every at bat. The Mets infield in ’99 was a thrill. Lagares’s D last year was the best I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty sick watching someone get chosen/go Super Saiyan. I guess Darrelle Revis had the best sports season ever…multiple times…of any New Yorker in my generation. Dickey #2.

In a certain way, I loved this game. Watching Dickey work is always wonderful. Shit, even Revis having a ring feels right to me in some way. I want this Mets team embarrassed. I want Wilpon and Sandy embarrassed. Two nonos in a week would’ve been sweet. That’s the kind of stuff Metsblow dreams are made of.

And I don’t blame Tolo ONE BIT. The box score doesn’t tell the story–not by a long shot. Flores fails to catch a ball right in his glove. Flores then fails to avoid the takeout slide on the DP opportunity. Then Reyes rips an RBI single. Remember Reyes, y’all? The dude who was with the team for less time than Ruben Tejada? Remember him? He’s the best SS in club history? And we let him walk? Doody poop. Keith fumed about the fundies. I’m with him. I blame Tolo a 0%. Big time home book. We were out of the “big inning” TWICE.

So we’ve got 4 aces. When we bring up Matz, we’ll have 5. And we’ll lose 1-0 or worse every night. Awesome. Totally awesome.

Conforto continues to rake. Nimmo is back from the DL and picking up right where he left off. Lagares needs TJ and Cuddyer will get hurt soon enough. What are we going to do about our lineup? It better be something.

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