Lagares Needs TJ


Yesterday, TC said that Lagares’ elbow injury is a torn ligament requiring Tommy John surgery. “Well, there’s only a couple of things you can do,” Collins continued. “One would be to have Tommy John and the other would be to rest it and just be careful.”

However, Sandy Alderson later clarified (re: LIED) that Tommy John surgery isn’t a consideration. “It’s not anything we’re looking at,” Alderson said. “It’s not an issue. He has soreness in the elbow.”

Soreness! HA! Have you seen him throw this season? Did you see him throw last season? 100% TJ is needed. Give me a fucking break. Cannon to noodle. Fuck you, Sandy, you “Pinocchio Ass Nigga.”

Juanny Beisbol has also been playing through a rib injury that has been bothering him for weeks and had slightly diminished his range, but Collins says that it’s finally healed.

“The rib injury is going away. So that’s not a factor,” Collins said. “He’s swinging the bat real well right now.”

It’s true, he’s hitting better in June. Hopefully he can get his full range back. He’s been beat a couple of times this year. That NEVER happened last year. Sandy and the Mets are mishandling the shit out of Juanny. Pray for him.

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