Postblow: I’m Done


Braves 2, Mets 1

I thought that extra inning loss to the Braves LAST WEEK was the worst loss of the season. NOPE! This one was worse.

It all starts with the fundies, of course. Derp Grandy derp error in the 4th. And so a completely deGrominating 4th inning becomes a runner on 3rd with Jacob now having to dial it up and pitch under pressure. Yeah he got out of it because he’s the best pitcher in the league, but it still adds many stressful pitches to his count. When the 8th rolled around and it was 1-0 (we’ve scored 2 total runs in about 33 innings now), deGrom’s pitch count was >100 instead of <100 like it should have been.

We suck. We blow. We’re out. I’m done. We’re wasting the most amazing pitching this club has even seen.

Oh and how about Tejada! My boy! Another double.

Grandy needs to be pulled from the leadoff spot. Change his name to Kurtis.

Not to take away from deGrom but Freeman was hurt. We lost to the Braves without Freeman in the lineup. Utterly pathetic.

I know Wisler isn’t a bum making his ML debut. He’s touted. I get that. But damn, talk about a Confidence Game for him. He hasn’t seen a lineup this bad since single-A.

THE FUNDIES! THE FUNDIES!! We couldn’t get the lead runner on a bunt attempt because we were lined up out of position (Ruben!). Then, Flores can’t get a guy on an infield “single.” I hate it so much. I hate watching them. deGrom gets the L!? Amazing. Unfuckingbelievable. The unflappable deGrom smashed the water cooler in frustration, uttering, “I can’t wait to be a Yankee.”

Keith would love Metsblow. He’s certainly a Metsblower. Glaringly bad defense on this road trip. It’s fundies. We gift-wrapped this one.

Oh, and also, Collins brought in Familia in a losing situation. Yeah, go ahead and make him unavailable for the rest of the series. Niiiiice. Oh, and he’s hurt! Groin injury! YAY!

We can’t hit. We can’t field. I’m done.

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