Preblow: Sexy Vs. Dickpiece

No batting for Colon tonight...
No batting for Colon tonight…

Welp, we either split the series or we win it. Not too shabby. It’d be nice to win a road game once in a while. That’s asking too much, I suppose.

Big Sexy will not be batting. Damn DH. Awful rule. AWFUL.

R.A. (Really Awesome) Dickey will face the Mets, including the man he was traded for: Travis d’Arnaud. Thor already showed the Jays that we got the best of the trade. MAVERICK!

The Mets are fucking dogshit on the road. Get it together for one game. This isn’t the same Dickey that won the Cy Young. This is a homer-happy stadium so let’s see some fucking runs. Getting blanked in Toronto last night was fucking embarrassing. Do your jobs.

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