Postblow: Oh, Right, We’re The Mets…

Layin' an egg
Layin’ an egg

Blue Jays 8, Mets 0

People almost forgot. Hell, even I was a bit excited. The Blue Jays were the hottest team in the league and we put our streak-killing aces out there and won a couple.

But…we’re the Mets, remember? We laid a big, fat egg last night. A classic shutout. Our 3-run cap is no joke. We really do have a limit. We were careful and didn’t even come close to it last night. We were hitless with RISP.

Niese pitched well against a team that kills lefties. Akeelah and the Bee pitched so poorly in his ML debut that he was sent back down. Whoops.

Murphy’s return date has been DELAYED. Duhhh. Now it’s Tuesday instead of Saturday. Just another day or two! And Reyes will be back tomorrow!

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