Preblow: Harvey On 5 Days Rest Uh-Ooooh

We’re in Arizona. We love getting demolished on the road against the NL West. Can Harvey buck the trend?

Speaking of trends, Harvey is on his worst streak ever. Can he out-duel some schmuck with a 5+ ERA? I remember Hellickson. We whooped his ass last time. Well, don’t count on it. Harvey hates the extra rest. Well, don’t worry, because the 6-man rotation has already evaporated. But for now, you better be rested and ready to fucking go. Harvey hasn’t had a win in 4 or so starts (including back-to-back shutout performance no decisions). With the extra rest, TC should let Harvey keep going. Shutout ball for 14 innings until the Mets finally scratch out an unearned run against this garbage team. The D-Backs are below .500, and below .500 at home, too.

I don’t really have shit to say. Fuck this team. 4 games out in AZ…hmm…can we win this series? Have we won a road series against the NL West once int he past 5 years?

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