Postblow From The Edge

"Nobody is ready to trade  yet." -Sandy
“Nobody is ready to trade yet.” -Sandy

At least now we don’t have to face Trumbo. A power-hitting outfielder? Who needs that!? MAVERICK.

Fathers (I don’t speak Spanish) 7, Metropolitans 3

Clearly, Gee wasted his bullets in the minors.

Tejada with a foul out and an error in the 1st inning. That’s more like it! The only thing weird is that he usually doesn’t bat in the first inning.

The 6-man rotation experiment is over before it began. TC is gonna skip Gee to give Harvey the 5 day schedule. No reason to keep his arm fresh for “October.” Hell, at this point the Braves have a better shot than us.

Parnell is getting shelled in Binghamton. His ERA is 18.69 oops.

Bring up Dominic Smith. Bring up Conforto.

The Mets have lost 9 out of their last 10 road games.

Sleep well, sweet Prince David. We pray for you.

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