Postblow: Mets In Full Fledged Free Fall

And I'm freeeeee...
And I’m freeeeee…

Cubs 2, Mets 1

I just can’t watch this lineup. I just CAN’T WATCH THIS LINEUP.

This was a game that a MEDICORE lineup wins 5-0 or 5-2 or so. We had PLENTY of opportunities. We had a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs and didn’t get it done multiple times. We had failed bunts. We are the worst offense I’ve seen since last year’s team.

The only silver lining is that this HAS to be a wake-up call. The Wilpons will never sell the team–baby Jeffy ain’t sharing his toys–but they have to make a move now. You can’t burn your new star in his ML debut by giving him no run support, then go back out the next night and burn your young ace with an even more inept loss. Harvey threw 7 shutout innings and we ended up losing the game 2-1. It just can’t happen. Sandy knows as well as anybody that Harvey stayed up all night going, “3 more years till Yankees…3 more years till Yankees…”

Also, EXACTLY as Metsblow has predicted: By the time Wright gets back (if he ever does), there will be a MINIMUM of two starters on the DL. These two are likely to be Lagares and d’Arnaud. D-Wright should return just in time to have an opportunity to play hero, overextend himself, and land back on the DL.

It appears that Lagares will not head to the DL for now, so rest assured he’ll be playing injured for a week, he’ll tear his pectorals even worse (aka the ripped titty), and go on the DL for an even longer stretch than originally necessary.

Matt Cerrone, the spaz in charge of Metsblog, wrote that, “it’s hard to ignore the impact of missing Juan Lagares…” You fucking spaz! He’s been out for two days! Our lineup has been getting mowed the fuck down all season. Wake up. “Ooooh, when we get Lagares back, we’re gonna be a FORCE!”

The Mets will look to move Tolo. I will be sad, but if we pull Soler for him or something nuts like that, it’s a must-do. We need to do something. We have to fix this now.

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