Mets Front Office and Metsblog Do Not Know What Depth Is

Durrr, what's depth?
Durrr, what’s depth?

Welp, Cerrone and Baron and all these other guys are re-tah-did. It is known. No wonder they got hired by the Mets.

The other night on MLB Network, Bengie Molina talked about the 2002 World Series winning Angels team. He gave an enormous load of credit to Jose Molina, the team’s backup catcher. He said that Jose was the key to the chip. Jose being there, working with the pitchers, being able to get pinch hits, and keep Bengie healthy the full season by being a strong backup that started 40+ games, etc. etc. depth depth depth.

I recently sat down with Michael Baron, Matt Cerrone, and Jeff Wilpon to discuss the lack of offensive depth.

Mr. Metsblow: Hello, first of all: Fuck you.

Matt Cerrone: The Mets are looking great this year! *Checks bank statement on his iPhone*

Michael Baron: I’m excited for meaningful games in September.

Jeff Wilpon: Jeffy want baba!

MM: Do you know what depth is?

JW: Subamaween! Subamaween!

MB: What do you mean have a good player sit on the bench? They’ll rot! They need their reps!

MM: You know, guys, kinda like the 6th man in the NBA?

MB: Whoa whoa whoa, one sport at a time.

JW: Daddy just got off the phone with Mistaw Dolan! Mistaw Dolan say we’re doing just fine!


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