Preblow: Rubber Game in Miami

Hey Montero, good game! As a reward, we’re sending you to fabulous Las Vegas!

Lefty Jack “Leatherface” Leathersich has been promoted to the team. He’s striking out everybody in the minors. We’ll see how that translates. When asked to comment, Terry Collins said, “If anyone should be called leatherface, it’s me. Look how tan I am!”

Big Sexy takes the hill tonight. He’s going for 5-0 in his first 5 starts. Wouldn’t that be something?

This is the rubber game of the series, and would also serve to salvage the road trip at .500, which is what playing on the road is all about. We’ve been roughly .500 on the road for years, while failing miserably at home. With the Mets celebrating their victories in April, I’m sure the other shoe will drop at Shittifield, but for now, and in general, it’s about winning at home and staying .500 on the road.

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