Run, Daniel, Run!

And from that moment on,!
“And from that moment on, I…was…run-ning!” -Daniel Murphy

Last night, with Tejada-Kirk-Recker batting 6-7-8, we never really stood a chance. The game was conceded from the get-go. However, when we desperately needed a run in the 8th, Murph lead the inning off with a double. Then, Tejada (batting 6th!!) fucked up a bunt, and the Marlins got Murphy out at 3rd.

Chastise Tejada all you want for this. I did, too. He is to blame. He is garbage. But Nelson Figueroa wants to put blame on Murphy as well. And he’s right. 100% right. Murphy made a mental mistake (he’s good for 1 each game) and should never have ran. He should’ve seen the shitty bunt, froze, and returned to 2nd.

"I just felt like running." -Daniel Murphy
“I just felt like running.” -Daniel Murphy

I won’t be surprised if Murph finishes the year batting around .280, as he has proven that he can hit. His career batting average of .288 is enough that, in the post-steroid* era, a team will pay him. The Mets certainly won’t pay him. However, this isn’t because he sucks, it’s just because they’re Jews. Even though it’s for the wrong reasons, they might be CORRECT in letting Murph go. Assuming Murph is gone and Wright is dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Reynolds, Flores, and Herrera in the infield next year. I would love to see the mental-mistakes-metrics for Murph, because his boneheaded fielding and baserunning and opinions on gays have certainly cost us. C’mon Murph. Do better. It’s a contract year for fucks sake. At least the hitting is starting to come around, which is a great sign. Your extended Spring Training is now over.

*Calling 2015 baseball the “post-steroid era” is equivalent to calling today’s nation the “post-racial America.” Hey, how many people are going to the Orioles’ game tonight?

P.S. Nelson Figueroa, the Brooklyn boy, has been excellent for SNY. I wish they hadn’t jewed out on Ojeda. I’d love to have both of them in there. They’re both great. SNY really knows how to pick’em.

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