Preblow: Mets vs. Marlins is Contender vs. Pretender Series

Skeeter is Marlins-colored.
Skeeter is Marlins-colored.

This is the biggest series of the season so far. Phils are dog doo. We have to win against “competing” teams without Wright. We have to beat up on the Marlins and show that our pitching is elite against Team Super Pretendo.

Our division can produce a Wildcard birth (PLAYOFFS!?!?!) because of how shitty it is. The Nats have produced some pretty impressive regular season records because of our division’s futility over the past few years.

We need to bully the Fins, especially without Fernandez. It’s the Pretender v Contender series, I’m just not 100% sure which team is which yet.

Tonight, we have our “worst” pitcher in Gee going against Cosart, arguably their best. The Mets can’t hit good pitching, so Gee is going to have to step up 2 the streets.

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