Happy Recap: Brooms! 

Sweep! Mets win! 6-1. 

Niese looks real good. He scattered hits. He also had an RBI.

Our pitching is really good. We’re so deep. We lost Wheeler, Mejia, Parnell, Black, and Edgin. We’re still one of the NL’s best. 

However, our hitting is BAD, and even worse without David. The Phillies pen–and some of their starters–are baaaaaad. We put up 6 today, and 6 yesterday, mostly because their pitching is dog doo.

The Mets need to beat them into the ground all year. Now here comes the Marlins for 4 games. Gee, Colon, deGrom, Harvey. Big. We can’t ever win at Turner Field (tear it down already!), but if we can be even against the Nats (2 outta 3 so far!), even against the good-pitching Braves, and dominate the Phils, then it all comes down to the Fins. If we play them 18 times and go 12-6 against em, we’re looking at the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?! Hey, the NL blows!

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