Metsblog Jinxes The Mets Again

Who's that Pokemon? It's Jynx! Who's that retarded, lackey blog? It's Metsblog!
Who’s that Pokemon? It’s Jynx! Who’s that retarded, lackey blog? It’s Metsblog!

Metsblog, about an hour or two before Matt Harvey took the hill on Tuesday, reported: HEY! Harvey has the longest home-run-drought streak of any pitcher! HEY! Everyone! Harvey! No dingers! WOOOT! As we all remember, Harvey let up a 1st inning dinger to Chase Utley.

Today, Metsblog has done it again. In regards to Dillon Gee, tonight’s starter, they report: He’s gone at least five innings in 47 straight starts, the longest active streak in the majors.

This is classic Metsblog. Classic idiot Cerrone not knowing the game of baseball at all. He just doesn’t understand baseball. He’s not a part of it. Like nearly everyone else in the media, he’s just a pawn. He’s a bitch/lackey/writer first, and baseball fan/player second.

Metsblog went on to say: Hey, and Gee has NEVER NOPE NOT ONCE EVER been jinxed by a stat posted on our site! Never!

Matt Cerrone is the kind of guy to go up to a pitcher after the 6th inning–when he’s all alone and everyone else is on the opposite side of the dugout–to say, “Hey! You’ve got a perfect game going! Wow! There haven’t been many of those in all of history! This could be historic! You only need 9 more outs! Perfect game in the making wow you’re doing so well so far!!”

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