D-Wright on 15-Day DL

Hey look at me I'm sliding! I'm sliding! I'm dead!
Hey look at me I’m sliding! I’m sliding! I’m dead!

Welp, we’re out. Wright said he felt a pop. 15-day DL? More like out forever.

We have absolutely no depth. We’re bringing up Eric “Soupman” Campbell from AAA Vegas. We’re so bad we don’t even have a major league replacement for David. That’s ok, Soupman is hitting .550! Too bad that’s not as high as the .600 he was hitting at the roulette wheel.

The Metsblog hot take from Andrew “Vaggino” Vazzano said something like, “I hope Wright is healthy when he returns.” Wow, scorching hot take from Metsblog as usual. Keep hoping, Vag. Healthy Mets = AAA Mets. Talented Mets = dead.

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