Happy (??) Recap: Mets Win Game; Lose Wright

"Have I been fired yet?"
“Have I been fired yet?”

Final Score: Mets 6, Phillies 5

On #HarveyDay–the first home HarveyDay in well over a year–Harvey was hardly the main attraction. He pitched a quality start and got the W. He made mistakes and good hitters (Utley) made him pay.

The big story (there were many, actually) is that David Wright is out. Yesterday, during the Hopener, before the game started, the whole organization was introduced and Mets trainer Ray Ramirez was booed mightily (almost as much as the Jewpons). I loved it. But today, Wright is to blame. He stole second during the bottom of the 8th for no reason, like an asshole. He slid like an asshole. Captain America: you are not Superman! You are my boy but holy shit that was boneheaded. Wright will likely be placed on the 15-day DL (re: he’s dead).

Also, as I said in the Liveblow (see previous article), Cuddy and Flores both got hit in the hand on shitty pitches (Harvey retaliated by hitting Utley wooot culture change!) and may both be out (re: dead). So on a day where we had our best pitcher and perhaps the best pitcher in the league on the hill, against perhaps the worst team, we manage to win by one run in the most pyrrhic way imaginable. We lost our captain and our best offseason acquisition. Eric “Soupman” Campbell is on his way to Queens.

As Rosie Perez says in White Men Can’t Jump, “sometimes when you win, you really lose, papi. And sometimes when you lose, you really win, papi.”

P.S. Fences in! Fences in! Murph with a dinger. And the Phillies had a shitload of dingers. Utley had two. I love how we complain that Citizens Bank is a bandbox and then the Phils come to Shitti and just mash dingers anyway.

P.P.S. Bean balls! Faux-Challenges! Ejections, oh my! This game was a bureaucratic travesty. As I said above, #HarveyDay was really #ShittyUmpireDay and man did they hear it from every side. The fans, both teams, and the booth. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ronnie get so hot. That one ridiculous delay really hurt Harvey up there. Ron was furious. The league has somehow implemented new rules that mandate faster games while making all the games slower. I haven’t seen this kind of hypocrisy in a book since the Bible. Get with the fucking robot umps, already!

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