The Front Office Will Blame The Fans When The Bullpen Sucks

One of the big problems that the fans correctly pointed out this year was that the Mets had absolutely no backup plan for left-handed reliever Josh Edgin. Edgin tore it the fuck up last season, then tore his elbow the fuck up this Spring Training.

When Alderson commented that they were considering going into the season with no LH reliever, the fans were (rightfully) outraged. Since then, the Mets’ front office has drastically overcompensated and is now looking to carry three (mostly shitty) lefties in the bullpen.

When the lefties don’t do well, because let’s face it, they’ve never really done well, the Mets will blame the fans. They’ll say, “see, this is what you wanted!” Not only that, but the very fact that they knee-jerk responded to fan outcry is a true sign of idiocy. This isn’t quite on the scale of pablum as Star Wars Episode 1; George Lucas famously got his new character ideas by crowdsourcing, then everyone hated his new characters, then Lucas blamed them for being stupid.

Well, George Lucas, you’re supposed to be the visionary genius! The movie maverick! You’re supposed to be the idea man, not us! If it was easy to make a super awesome movie, everyone would do it.

Sandy Alderson reminds me of some kind of SNL character (or just a kid with Aspergers) who takes things too literally. Three fans are all asked, “what should the Mets do?” And each responds, “get a left handed reliever.” So what does Sandy “Vag” Alderson do? He goes and gets three left handed relievers!

Just like George Lucas, the Mets are all about selling tickets. Movies, baseball games, whatever. It’s about making money. The Mets feared that without a lefty reliever, they wouldn’t sell as many tickets. They were right about that. So they go and somehow shoot themselves in the foot even harder than they already had. To quote Jar-Jar Binks, “Yoosa team gonna stink, okeeday!”

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