Cesar Puello Placed on Waivers

Mets OF prospect Cesar Puello has been put on waivers. You may remember that he was a beast prospect. The Mets really liked him. So did other scouts. Then, he was suspended 50 games in 2013 for PEDs and violating MLB’s Joint Drug Agreement.

At one point, he looked like this. (Click for Picture). 

Get back on the juice, Cesar! What’re you doing? You used to MASH! You were fucking huge! That shoulder! That neck! Juice juice juice! We need some fucking hitters!

P.S. Everyone looooves Conforto. Keith loves him. I love him. We all love him. He’s got a sweet stroke. He’s on the fast track to the majors. Hopefully he’s not the next Puello…the Mets love ruining hitting prospects…and pitching prospects, but that’s another story.

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