Mets Sign Juan Lagares to a 4-year Extension

YES! Open them wallets you Jew fucks!! 4 years, 20mil.

Juan Lagares is the guy. He really is. Juanny Beisbol is THE GUY. We haven’t had a CF since Beltran. Now I’m not saying Lagares can hit like Beltran (Beltran hit 41 dingers in ’06!), but a healthy Lagares is an MVP candidate. Gary, Keith, and Ron think he’s the best CF they’ve ever seen. EVER. He’s majestic out there. As a leadoff hitter, we need to see him score 110+ runs.

It’s actually one of the few (VERY FEW) reasons going to Shittyfield has merit. While watching TV, you only have one option for camera angles. But at the game, you can just fix your eyes on center. It’s a sight to behold.

Sidebar: TV should really consider multiple angle choices. How sick would that be? It wouldn’t be hard, either. Just click a button and switch the camera that you’re viewing. Umpire cam. Catcher cam. Pitcher cam. Lagares cam 1st person. Lagares cam 3rd person. Etc.

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