One Last Note for #OpeningDayGate

You know it’s already been commented on multiple times here at Metsblow. However, I want to say this one last time: Opening Day starter aka #openingdaygate is a NONSTORY. 

The Wilpons are using their Jew-media influence to sway public opinion against Terry Collins. In the words of Dan Warthen’s favorite Chinaman, Dice-K: “hypeuuuu!! Anti-Corrins hypeuuuuu!!” They’re vilifying him so they can blame him and fire him and repeat the losing cycle without taking all, if any, of the heat. Fuck the Wilpons. Metsblow.

P.S. Big Sexy on Opening Day. Get em, Bart. I like it. I like the whole damn rotation. 

P.P.S. He’s gonna bat. If there’s anything that rivals the electricity of #HarveyDay, it’s #BartoloBats. 

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