I Appreciate Sandy Alderson’s Transparency

Alderson acknowledged ticket sales are a factor when determining the lineup, the rotation, etc. Ultimately, the right move was made with resting Harvey for all of last season because they want him around for years and years and years.

I appreciate Alderson’s transparency. Just came right out and said, “yep, we’ve got major Jew owners who really need to sell tickets. We’re trying to sell tickets. This is a business.” I appreciate that.

My advice: WIN!!! The Jewpons haven’t figured this one out yet. They try and save money by not signing talent or whatever. Alderson probably understands this more than they do. Hopefully he can convince them. WIN!! Winning sells tickets! Winning sells jerseys! Winning sells! The winning premium is the greatest premium of all. I wish the Jewpons understood that you gotta spend money to make money. I wish they understood that winning sells tickets. Please, Sandy, continue your transparency with us AND with them. Let them know that winning is what matters most. Did Steinbrenner care about winning or did he care about making as much money as possible? It doesn’t matter! They are one in the same.

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