Noah Syndergaard to the Minors

Noah Syndergaard has been optioned to minor league camp. Syndergaard was scheduled to pitch on Saturday against the Tigers. This spring, Syndergaard appeared in three games, posted a 4.91 ERA over 7 1/3 innings. He struck out nine and walked three.

Why send him down a day before his scheduled start? I’ll tell you why: Because Vegas, that’s why! March Madness! He’s probably there to monitor his bracket.

Seriously, though, have you noticed how much this guy’s stock has plummeted? Matz is sooooo the guy, now. Thor might be out, y’all. He might really be out. He’s got the stuff, but boy does he get rattled up there. Learn to deal with an error, Noah. Learn to deal with when the ump doesn’t give you the call. Grow up, Peter Pan.

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